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Barneys Goes Green

Financial Times, March 2 2007 It is one thing, of course, for a brand to anticipate all eventualities in consumer behaviour and do a little organic line. It is another, more mainstream, thing entirely when a major international department store follows suit. Yet that is exactly what Barneys New York is doing this year, launching […]

The Cotton Wars

Financial Times, March 2 2007 Organic versus sustainable? Pollutants versus pesticides? Environmentally- friendly or luxurious? Fiona Harkin asks who is putting who (or what) on themselves First it was your chicken. Now it’s your cotton. What? That’s gone organic, of course. It was perhaps only a matter of time before the concerns about what we […]

Eco-Business Plan – Loomstate for Barneys Green

JC Report, January 25 2007 Style versus substance? It’s a defunct choice when it comes to eco-fashion. Put aside ideas about coarse hemp and cork-soled shoes, and think about what it means to be green — and stylish — in the 21st century. Julie Gilhart, fashion director at Barneys, has a passionate personal commitment to […]