Today, every business needs an editor.

In fact, they need them as much as the media does. This is not only because it’s becoming essential for all kinds of businesses to tell stories that engage and compel, but also to navigate the emerging ideas and thought-leadership shaping our creativity economy.

I specialise in bringing trends thinking and creative communication strategies into businesses, whether they’re a fledgling e-commerce site, a B2B trend-forecasting start-up or a bespoke publishing house producing magazines for leading fashion and lifestyle brands. My core skills are analysing, formulating and communicating creative ideas in relation to trends and consumer culture.

My work has provided me with considerable insight into how the worlds of art, pop culture, media, digital culture, marketing, branding, retail, fashion, travel and leisure can offer consumer insight and influence future product and service design – delivering a creative advantage to forward-thinking businesses..

For more information and a full CV, you can find me on LinkedIn, or fill in my contact form.